This year I've rediscovered the beauty of colour images, particularly those images taken in the mid 20th century that appeared in the photographic press that I poured over at school - Life, The Sunday Times magazine etc, and more recently in books that I've purchased such as Modern Color by Fred Herzog and a couple of books showing the Depression documentary images taken in the USA by the Farm Security Administration project. Most of the images were shot in Kodachrome, a slide film that is no longer available but which had particularly vibrant and warm colours. This film was new at the time of the FSA project, when serious photography was still presented in monochrome, so a lot of the images taken were 'off the clock'.

I've played around with editing my own images in an effort to find something similar to the Kodachrome look, albeit very unsuccessfully. That was until I discovered a couple of Lightroom presets which give the Kodachrome colour effect, and do it very well. I've never been very good at restraint, so the difficulty now is to not use it on every image!

Try Googling images by Fred Herzog and New Deal Photography. Until next time, cheers!

long time coming


I've been meaning to add this blog to the website for a while but like most things in life have never quite got around to it - until now! The website is now getting a lot of visits so some explanation of what's going on with the pictures is probably overdue, especially as I tend not to add comments to the images posted on my Instagram feed, and there's nothing here other than the pictures.

First, I tend to upload new pictures every few weeks. Also, there is a finite number of images that I'll show, so the new ones will replace existing images, by age rather than quality. There is no archive facility so the website is essentially a snapshot in time spanning generally a few months.

Second, the vast majority of images are shot on the streets, even the abstracts which are created in the camera rather than using post processing. I don't do many landscapes now and any nature photography is confined to shots of birds in the back garden (more of which I'll ramble on about another day). So at some point in the future the word 'landscape' will go from the third section.

Although most of the images include members of the public, I don't like any interaction with the camera so I don't do street portraits at all - I prefer to capture observer style street scenes as the viewer would see them, with a bit of motion blur for good measure.

That's it for now, until the next post cheers!